Re: [htdig] start_url and local filesystem-only searching

Subject: Re: [htdig] start_url and local filesystem-only searching
From: George Herson (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 07:35:47 PST

Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> At 8:33 AM -0500 1/23/01, George Herson wrote:
> ...
> >Another question: Why might htmerge return:
> >"Deleted, no excerpt:
> >23/http://win/win/MyDocuments/Tech/Postgresql/createTables.sql" ?
> >createTables.sql is a plain text file, the rest are html.
> But there's no way to know it's a text file! The local_urls feature
> will only index certain extensions to be on the safe side. The 3.2
> code has actual file:/// support, and turns to a mime.types file for
> help. (Though at the moment, the local_urls code does not translate
> things to a file:// request, which does need to be done.)

So to index non-html files i should install htdig v3.2? Any other
adjustments, eg, to my .conf file, likely to be needed?

Non-html file indexing can't be done with v3.1.5? It says "Both HTML
documents and plain text files can be searched" under Features at

I added
valid_extensions: .html .htm .shtml .sql .txt
to my v3.1.5 .conf file but that didn't help.

thank you,

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