[htdig] filtering returned url's

Subject: [htdig] filtering returned url's
From: Dave Salisbury (salisbur@fsl.noaa.gov)
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 08:17:34 PST

I'd like to be able to preserve the user's state, held in the query string,
when a search is done.
So my idea is to return just the urls from a search
that only match the state
of the user. Basically, we have a ?lang=en or ?lang=fr, and since many
of our pages are not translated yet, it's the same page regardless
of the language they ask for.. So most searches will return 2 pages,
( the same page, but the urls differ in the query string )
one for english ( ?lang=en ) and one for french ( ?lang=fr )
I would like for the search to only return one or the other,
even though both should be indexed.

Something like a bad_querystr attribute, would help,
but that is only for the indexing, not
for searching. For searching, I'd need to set this unknow
attribute dynamically. Is it possible to have 2 databases,
and switch between them dynamically?

Is there a way to do this?
Do I need to do my own parsing of the output?


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