[htdig] append database problem

Subject: [htdig] append database problem
From: Julian C. Dunn (jdunn@aquezada.com)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 21:32:26 PST

I have an existing, working htdig database, and I wanted to add more data to it
that's indexed from another URL, using a different configuration file. The
reason I used a different configuration file is because I want to run the two
indexing runs at different times, using a cron job. Anyway, what I did was try
to run htdig on the new configuration file:

% htdig -c ./htdig-bc.conf -u username:password -vvv

And htdig started to index all the URLs that were indexed with the original
htdig.conf, and never indexed the documents at the start_url in htdig-bc.conf .

Is there any way I can append data in this manner, without generating a whole
new set of databases and then running htmerge on them to create a single set?

- Julian

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