Re: [htdig] Memory requriements

Subject: Re: [htdig] Memory requriements
From: Ing. Noel Vargas Baltodano (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 07:52:23 PST

> I have a Linux box with approx 1 gig of html and pdf books. I want to
> use htdig for the search engine. I dont want to assume to much
> but....will 1 additional gig of hard disk cover the size of the index
> database. I figure double may be a safe starting point. Also what type
> of memory requirements should i consider at a minimum? The hardware is a
> Cyrix 150 64 meg ram redhat 6.2 apache webserver. I know this is a vague
> question...I would just like some reasonable starting points???

It's enough!

The first time I installed htdig, i did it in that very same configuration
and it ran quite well. It took a few minutes to dig.

I guess that with 1GB of documents it will take *much* longer than
that. Try to do the refresh in low traffic hours, so it won't hog the


Noel Vargas Baltodano

Gerente de Sistemas Nicatechnologies, S.A.

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