[htdig] basic script

Subject: [htdig] basic script
From: Ronald Edward Petty (repett0@sweb.uky.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 14:43:09 PST

Thanks for the help everyone... it was a lack of knowledge and maybe
alittle lack of documentiation (maybe i just didn't see it). You should
say that gcc should also point to the latest 2.95.2 not just g++. I did
not know that libstdc++ was for both... i assumed g++ , maybe u should
mention that gcc and g++ should have both the latest stdlibc++.

Now that i have it, i assume u run htdig .... I saw somewhere a script or
something that runs it on the htdig site, but where is the link or
email.. anyone know what Im talking about or am I going crazy :)

One more thing, when u compile does the CONFIG file u adjust, can that be
changed later or is that internally added somehow... I had to compile on
a machine that is not going to be running it.. so im wondering if this is

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