Re: [htdig] hidden keywords

Subject: Re: [htdig] hidden keywords
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 08:29:42 PST

According to Stephen L Arnold:
> I'm trying to achieve some requested behavior with htdig; ie, I've
> setup some selections in the search page (using restrict and
> exclude) and the desired behavior is to have the user enter nothing
> in the search field and have htdig serve up a list of all documents
> in the directories specified by restrict/exclude.
> All documents are Word docs (at the moment) and previously I had
> added the keyword "doc" to the bottom of the search form (in the
> hidden keyword field) and it worked. However, that was when Apache
> was configured to allow directory indexing (and the indexes would
> show up in the search results, along with the documents). I turned
> off the Apache auto-index stuff, and built a single html file with
> URLs for all the documents for htdig to do the actual dig.
> However, and here's the rub, now I get a boolean search error when
> I submit a search with no keywords, even if I put more hidden
> keywords in the search form (that are guaranteed to be in the
> documents).
> The only thing that changed was the Apache auto-index stuff; is
> there anything I can do to get the behavior I want back again?

I'm not sure how you had it working in the first place, if this was
with 3.1.5. You must have had some value in the "words" input parameter,
because htsearch 3.1.5 (and earlier) doesn't like it when you have
"keywords" but no "words". Here's a patch that fixes this:

The Apache auto-index stuff made the keyword "doc" match any .doc file,
because the index uses the file names as link description text for the
link to the file, and with a non-zero description_factor, these words
have weight in the search.

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