[htdig] config-questions: special characters and search restriction

Subject: [htdig] config-questions: special characters and search restriction
From: Juergen Peus (grobi@paderlinx.de)
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 05:48:09 PST

Hi all,

i have two questions:

(1) whenever i try to find something for "miles & more" i get no
    matches. If i search for "miles AND more" i get a lot of matches with
    several of them containing "miles & more" as a string. It seems that
    the "&" gets not recognized by htsearch...
    I have tried this with 3.1.5 and 3.2.0b2/b3...any ideas what i'm doing

(2) I'd like to perform different types of searches, this means you can
    choose whether to search only in the documents' titles, in the
    document's headings or in the documents' text. For this purpose i've
    set up three different databases/configurations with different values
    of title_factor, heading_factor* and text_factor.
    In the example "only in headings", i've set title_factor and
    text_factor to zero - but i still find documents with the words in the
    title or text and none in the header (with $PERCENT = 1)...
    So what i need is the possibility the restrict htsearch to only
    search within the headers/titles/text and nowhere else...



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