[htdig] excluding page section? sorting output?

Subject: [htdig] excluding page section? sorting output?
From: Bernhard Krickl (bernhard.krickl@tro.de)
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 04:32:03 PST


My boss keeps asking me about features he wants with htdig.
Recently he came up with the following:

Is there a way to exclude a section on an HTML-page from
indexing? Thats because navigational elements often produce hits
when the content doesn't match much. (Frames are not an option!)

Is there a way to sort the output by category?

And here's another one:
Is there a possibility to index Shockwave Flash files?
Let me guess: Yes, if I have an external parser.
In this case: Where do i find one?


bernhard krickl

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