[htdig] document contains no data

Subject: [htdig] document contains no data
From: Jason McLatchie (jason.mclatchie@e-markets.com)
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 06:21:55 PST

I am new to Linux and htig so forgive my ignorance. I recently
installed htdig on our dev and prod servers here at work prior to a
January 15 launch of the site. I indexed the 3 pages we had available
prior to launch and everything worked fine. After the launch the search

would time out and came back with a document contains no data message.
I did some reasearching and found that I needed a patch for SSL - when
our site went live we made it https:// I installed the patch and openssl

on our servers. I indexed the site and after checking the db directory
it seemed to have indexed the entire site. After trying the search
functionality it still timed out. I indexed a non-SSL site to test if
it truly was the SSL that was causing the problem. I got the same
message from the search.

1) Has anyone had this issue before?

2) Does this sound like a web server issue our a software issue?

3) Any ideas on resolution?

Much appreciated,
Jason McLatchie
E-Markets, Inc.

The site is:

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