[htdig] exclude_urls vs. url_part_aliases

Subject: [htdig] exclude_urls vs. url_part_aliases
From: SMantscheff (SMantscheff@9monate.de)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 23:48:43 PST

I exclude URLs like
exclude_urls: our.server.de/F1 \
        our.server.de/F2 \
        our.server.de/F3 \
        our.server.de/F4 \

Instead, I index a database with URLs like
        db.server/db/F1 \
        db.server/db/F2 \
        db.server/db/F3 \
        db.server/db/F4 \

Then I rewrite URLs with
        url_part_aliases our.server.de/F db.server/db/F

This works. But the results from the DB URLs are not displayed.
By the number of pages I know that all matching documents from the database
are found. But no document excerpts are shown. Is this a bug, a feature, or
am I missing something?


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