Re: [htdig] make error on solaris 2.6

Subject: Re: [htdig] make error on solaris 2.6
From: Ronald Edward Petty (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 15:18:18 PST

I understood you about the web root thing... I have a really funky way of
doing things here at work... so thats why it is like this... we test like
that and then move it to a REAL config when we prove it works... thats
what Im trying to do.... let me see if the sapce is the prob and Ill reply
so you know if that is the problem... thanks for the speedy help..


> the DocumentRoot, so that the installed image files can be accessed by
> web clients.
> E.g., on my system, IMAGE_DIR is set to /home/httpd/html/htdig, and
> my Apache configuration sets DocumentRoot to /home/httpd/html, so my
> IMAGE_URL_PREFIX is simply "/htdig".

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