Re: [htdig] htdig ignores *.doc file extension

Subject: Re: [htdig] htdig ignores *.doc file extension
From: Evelio Martinez (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 10:03:55 PST

Geoff Hutchison escribió:

> At 12:15 PM +0100 1/15/01, Evelio Martinez wrote:
> >I have run bin/htdig -i -vvv -s | tee /tmp/ht and the 3 .doc
> >and 2 .pdf files that are under /home/httpd/html does not have any
> >reference in the debug file /tmp/ht.
> No, this is not normal. So you're saying when htdig hits a document
> linking to these .doc or .pdf files, it doesn't list the link?


> Or do
> you not have any documents linking to these files?

Now, I do not understand anything. I have run the same command but
with "-u user:password" and now
htdig finds out all the .doc and .pdf files and creates the link.

Also it seems that with -u it behaves recursive, but without it I have
to write down every directory.

Has something to do with Apache conf ?

The next problem to solve will be the character set.

I see tÊcnicos instead of técnicos
             aÓade instead of añade

By the way, htdig is suppose to index any web server, isn´ t it?
We have 3 linux servers and 1 Windows 2000 server. There is no problem
with Linux servers
but it ignores the Windows 2000 server.

Any idea?

Evelio Martínez
Testanet. Dept. desarrollo software.
Av. Reino de Valencia, 15 - 5
46005 Valencia (Spain)
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