[htdig] static compilation of htdig

Subject: [htdig] static compilation of htdig
From: Matthias Kleine (Matthias.Kleine@prs.de)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 02:52:12 PST

Hi there!

I tried to give a --static option to configure, but it doen't know this
option. Do I have to edit the Makefile myself or is there another
possibility for a static compilation. (Machine runs with Linux 2.2.14,
glibc 2.1.3, gcc v2.95.2).

Thanks for any hints,

Matthias Kleine                   Phone: ++49-(0)6 11-17 31-624
Patzschke + Rasp Software AG      Fax:   ++49-(0)6 11-17 31-31
Bierstadter Straße 7              mailto:Matthias.Kleine@prs.de
D-65189 Wiesbaden                 Web Site: http://www.prs.de/

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