[htdig] any suggestions for using 3.1.5 or 3.2.0b2?

Subject: [htdig] any suggestions for using 3.1.5 or 3.2.0b2?
From: Edward Lu (ELu@fortpoint.com)
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 14:56:28 PST

According to the release note for htdig-3.2.0b2. It added more functionality
and fixed all known bugs after 3.1.5
But apparently it still has the relevance ($(PERCENT)) bug and not stable
I am asking for any suggestions about which version (3.1.5 or 3.2.0b2)
should be used for our company web site.
Any experience about the advantage and disadvantage of both the versions?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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According to Edward Lu:
> Geoff,
> What is the security hole in version 3.1.5?
> It sounds scary.

The security hole is in version BEFORE 3.1.5, and is fixed in 3.1.5. It
allowed a user to snoop through any file on your web server's file system,
as long as it was readable by the user ID under which the web server process
runs, just by passing it a special query string in the htsearch URL.

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