Re: [htdig] dig taking forever

Subject: Re: [htdig] dig taking forever
From: Archive User (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 21:20:08 PST

> Do you mean 300 lists * 110,000 messages, or do you mean 110,000
> messages total?

110k total

> Yes, that's about what I'd expect myself. I'm assuming you're
> updating alternate files when you talk about an "update dig." Have
> you tried blowing away the alternates and reindexing them from
> scratch? Basically what I'm saying is to keep your existing databases
> in place and generating a new set from scratch. Are they faster? (in
> which case there's something wrong with the databases perhaps) Or is
> it the same (in which case there's a general slowdown you're seeing
> now)

whether I do a rundig from scratch (destroy all the files)
or do an updatedig on a already established version it
takes equally long.

>Also, have you set the server_wait_time attribute or anything of that

I dont think so.. I am basically running a default apache setup
with php4 compiled in.


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