[htdig] dig taking forever

Subject: [htdig] dig taking forever
From: Archive User (archive@xpedite.com)
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 20:32:06 PST


I am having some major performance problems with htdig
and I am looking for a bit of guidence.

I have an email archive within my company with has
about 300 mailing lists being archived to it via
mhonarc. We have approximatly 110k emails in the
archive each being its own html file. Probably
99% of these emails are just standard size 4-10k
emails. This archive has been running for 4 months
now. htddig was working great for the first month
or so.. 1-2 hours tops.. After 4 months its now
up to 52 hours to do either an updatedig or a
rundig. The files it is generating are only ~300 meg.
Searchs work fine (when the dig finally finishes).
Something seems quite wrong in my mind:)
The archive and htdig both run on the same
system which is a dual proc sun ultra 2 using solaris 2.7
with 1.5 gig of ram. I have apache running on the same
host with 20+ (up to 256 max) servers started by
default. When watching the apache logs while it
digs.. it seems to be going awfully slow.. one
or two querys every 30 seconds. I am running
version 3.1.5 of htdig. The system is not taxed
at all while the dig is going on.

Should 110k web pages really take this long? I am
thinking a few hours tops is more like it should

Anyone have any ideas? I am really stumped and
need to get this dig well below 24 hours.

Thanks.. Mike

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