[htdig] Unable to contact server-revisisted

Subject: [htdig] Unable to contact server-revisisted
From: Roger Weiss (RogerW@trellix.com)
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 08:18:29 PST


I'm running htdig v3.1.5 and my digging seems to be running out of steam
after it runs for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or so. The initial msg
was "Unable to connect to server". So, I ran it again with -v v v to get
the error message below.

pick: ponderingjudd.xxx.com, # servers = 550
3213:3622:2:http://ponderingjudd.xxx.com/ponderingjudd/id6.html: Unable to
 connection with ponderingjudd.xxx.com:80
 no server running

I've replaced part of the URL with xxx to protect the innocent. The server
certainly is running and I had no trouble finding the mentioned url. Is
there some parm I need to set or limit I need to raise?
We're running an apache server with startservers =25 and minspace=10.

Thanks for your help,

Roger Weiss
(978) 318-7301

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