[htdig] installing as a user..... possible?

Subject: [htdig] installing as a user..... possible?
From: Clint Gilders (servermaster@kingsnake.com)
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 18:49:38 PST

        I've been asked to setup a search engine for a company that I am doing
CGI programming for. I would normally just use a perl based search for
a site this size, but they want lots of of functionality (and I really
like ht:/dig). I think ht:/dig would be perfect for what they want,
but their site is virtual hosted and I wouldn't have root access to
install it.
        Is it possible to install htdig as a user? The server is running BSDI
3.1 and Apache Stronghold. Any catches (I've only installed on FreeBSD,
and Linux)?


Clint Gilders
Servermaster Onlinehobbyist Inc.

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