Re: [htdig] indexing

Subject: Re: [htdig] indexing
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 16:30:02 PST

According to Tracey Guzouskas:
> In the CONFIG file in the original directory where ${prefix}, ${DEST} and
> CONFIG_DIF are defined the correct path is entered to my htdig.conf file,
> however if I do not use the -c /my/path/here command I receive the error
> "htdig: Unable to find configuration file
> /missing/top3/directories/my/path/here'". So I use the
> -c /my/path/here command when running htdig and it runs smoothly (despite
> the fact it's indexing the wrong site) To solve this issue do you think I
> need to re-configure, re-compile and re-install?
> I have the start_url set to " start_url:
> `/usr/home/server/usr/local/etc/httpd/vhosts/website/htdocs/start.url` " in
> the htdig.conf file. The start.url file lists 20 urls in the following
> manner:
> \
> \
> \
> \
> Why I am really stumped is that I have indexed the site using rundig and the
> same -c /my/path/here command before and it worked. I am only re-indexing to
> grab some changes. I realize that something must have changed but it's not
> in my config file. at least not the start_url or the limit_urls_to. Is there
> anything else I could tell you to help you understand this situation? Should
> I reinstall and start from the beginning?

Hmm. This is a stumper. I'm wondering if your ISP didn't implement
some sort of reorganization, or maybe a virtual root directory set up
(i.e. using "chroot"), so that your old paths no longer work.

The backslashes at the end of each line in start.url are not needed,
and I think in this context, unlike directly in the htdig.conf file,
the backslash characters will be taken literally. I don't think that
explains the behaviour you're seeing, though.

At this point, I'd check to make sure your ISP didn't reorganize things.
If they did, you may be able to configure in the explicit paths you
need in your scripts and config files, without reinstalling. However,
if the changes affect your CONFIG_DIR location, especially for htsearch,
then you may need to reinstall and reconfigure from scratch. If your
ISP went with a virtual root setup, that can be particularly tricky
because sometimes the pathnames as seen by a CGI program are different
than those you see from the command line, if the two environments are
implemented with different virtual roots.

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