[htdig] scoring questions

Subject: [htdig] scoring questions
From: Jason Meyering (JMeyering@jabber.com)
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 12:23:00 PST

I have 2 different questions about how to alter scoring:

1. Is there any way to have ht://dig give search results a higher score
based on their originating url? For example, I've set up ht://dig to search
my.site.com, his.site.com and her.site.com, but I want any pages from
my.site.com to have a higher score (or at least display with more
prominance) than pages from the other sites. My thought right now is to
give all of my pages a specific keyword and then rig my search form so that
a hidden field always adds that keyword to any search and then set a high
keywords_factor value. But it would be nice if there were a more elegant
way so that if I then wanted her.site.com to have more weight than
his.site.com without having the webmaster of her.site.com add keywords to
all their pages.

2. I've noticed that if I do an "or/any" search on several words, the
scoring is based solely on numbers of instances of any of those words, so if
I search for "test finding instances", then a page with 8 instances of
"finding" will display before a page with 1 instance of all three words. Is
there any way to tell htsearch to automatically score pages containing all
search words higher than pages that don't have all words? Or is there some
way to basically combine searches so that it does an "any then all" method

If anyone's got any insights or suggestions on either of these questions,
I'd greatly appreciate it. TIA.


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