Re: [htdig] Re: Enhancement request (PR#991)

Subject: Re: [htdig] Re: Enhancement request (PR#991)
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 12:02:51 PST

According to Kapil Biyani:
> Instead of editing the .cc files from the source, just to add the target
> param,
> I guess you can even change the long.html file in the $commondir
> All one has to do is enable the long file in the source and then edit the
> particular file and add parameters required to it. See below what to add
> in config file.
> You can see an working example of it at
> I have infact added a complete line of code to it which open the results
> in a new frame which also has another frame where the search box is again
> displayed...(sounds confusing, check the site :-(

That fix works for the main search result URL shown by the result
template, but Stephen was asking about the anchor URLs that pop up
in the excerpt, when the first matched word appears after an anchor
tag in the source document, and when add_anchors_to_excerpt is true.
There's nothing you can do about these links in an unpatched htsearch,
because the HTML that generates them is hardcoded in the hilight() method.

If you want to use a frames-based setup for htsearch, where the text
from matched pages is displayed in a different frame than the htsearch
results (and their links to these matched pages), then you must use
target specifications for the main URL in the template as well as the
URLs in the excerpt, unless you disable add_anchors_to_excerpt.

As Stephen was asking only about the excerpts, I assumed he had figured
out about the templates, and didn't want to disable the anchors in

> Infact if you add the long.html file in your config file you can make it
> configurable to any extent you want...Here is what to add..
> ---------
> template_map: Long long ${common_dir}/long.html \
> Short short ${common_dir}/short.html
> template_name: long
> ----------
> for more info. check the page...
> (*Hope I am not wrong, if I am then SORRY*)

No apologies necessary. If you search for "name" on your site above,
you'll see a couple excerpts where the highlighted word is hyperlinked
to an anchor within the document. That will illustrate what I'm talking
about. Your template changes don't affect these links.

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