Re: [htdig] Multiple domain names pointing on the same site

Subject: Re: [htdig] Multiple domain names pointing on the same site
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 09:52:18 PST

Thank you for your response, but i think this isn\'t
really what i am looking for...

In thise case, by hitting the server with either
or, results will always be displayed with the prefix, no ? (or my tests were wrong and i missed someting)

The \'server_alias\' option seems to be used not to index the
file twice (or more). For my case, I don\'t mind if my site
is indexed n times (n = number of aliases for the site),
provided that the results URLs come prefixed with the same
domain alias the user used to go to the site.

Am i wrong ? Is there a solution with htdig ?

Thank you very much


Quoting Malcolm Austen <>:

> On Mon, 8 Jan 2001 wrote:
> + If a site can be reached via different domain names,
> + is there a trick to make htsearch generate result
> + links pointing to the domain name the user reached
> + the site with ?
> Check out the server_aliases: options. It does just what you want.
> server_aliases:
> will result in references to being treated as if they were
> references to

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