Re: [htdig] How to put the brakes on htDig - it's crashing our server

Subject: Re: [htdig] How to put the brakes on htDig - it's crashing our server
From: SMantscheff (
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 15:29:34 PST

> No, it's not normal for high traffic loads to crash a server. Memory
> leaks, however, can cause significant problems. Still, the question
> was whether you can make htdig pause between requests...

The high traffic load wasn't excactly crashing the server, but slowing it
down to a point where it seemed to be standing still, and a lot of requests
piled up and were waiting to be served for quite some time. Now what would
you expect from a server with more requests than it can handle? It was still
accessible and could still be administered and restarted without a hardware
reset. So I'm explicitly and profoundly very grateful to the authors of the
Linux OS, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and htDig, of course, whose efforts combine to
a very stable and manageable system. I am told that for the traffic which we
have on our site, industry leaders recommend server hardware and software
which costs a magnitude more than what we run and is not as half as reliable.
So three cheers for GPL!


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