[htdig] restrict and exclude more than one pattern

Subject: [htdig] restrict and exclude more than one pattern
From: SMantscheff (SMantscheff@9monate.de)
Date: Sun Jan 07 2001 - 08:40:54 PST

Is it possible to restrict the search to several patterns or to exclude more
than one pattern from the search? If so, with what kind of syntax? If not,
what can I do to limit the search to some of many different indexed sites
with similar URLs? They are subdomains of qualimedic.de, so the host names
read abc.qualimedic.de ... xyz.qualimedic.de.

Sascha Mantscheff Bruenglinghausen
                  D-51588 Nuembrecht
                Fon +49-171-620 0380
                   Fax +49-2291-3841
       e-Mail smantscheff@9monate.de

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