Re: [htdig] $(NEXTPAGE) does not work in header

Subject: Re: [htdig] $(NEXTPAGE) does not work in header
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 09:19:57 PST

According to SMantscheff:
> --- start of header file ---
> <p>Die Suche nach <i>${WORDS}</i> ergab folgende Resultate [Seite$
> {PAGE}/${PAGES}]:</p>
> --- end of header file ---
> It seems that the $(NEXTPAGE) variable does not work in the header files,
> while $(PREVPAGE) does. I've got a search result with 4 pages, so both items
> should appear. What am I missing?

Hard to say for sure. Which version are you running, and what is the
value of maximum_pages in your config? The logic htsearch uses is that
if the current page number is less than maximum_pages, it will create
a link for the next page, using the value of next_page_text as the
link description text. If this string is empty, it could result in an
"invisible" link, i.e. the <a href...> tag and the </a> tag with nothing
in between. If the current page number is equal to maximum_pages, it
will set NEXTPAGE to the value of no_next_page_text, which commonly is
an empty string. In other words, NEXTPAGE will normally be empty for
the last page of search results, while PREVPAGE will normally be empty
for the first page. Check your values for all of these attributes above,
and take a good look at the resulting HTML output of htsearch.

Also, take a close look at your config file and templates for any typos.

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