Re: [htdig] [PB] reference count overflow

Subject: Re: [htdig] [PB] reference count overflow
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 09:06:52 PST

According to heddy Boubaker:
> <> "Gilles" == Gilles Detillieux <> writes:
> >> I sometimes have errors like that when searching:
> >> DB2 problem...: ...intranet-db.words.db: page 0: reference count overflow
> Gilles> My guess would be a corrupt database. Try rebuilding it from
> Gilles> scratch.
> Thanks, I solved the pb by doing that.
> But what could corrupt the db ? The only actions I did on the concerned db
> was: htdig init then htmerge from scratch and then, once a week, htdig &
> htmerge are run again with the same config... If something corrupted my db it
> should be a bug somewhere no?

Potentially, yes. We've received scattered reports of inexplicable
database corruption in the 3.1.x series, but never anything solid or
consistent enough that we could nail down to a specific bug. We don't
know for sure even if it is a bug, but we suspect that it is, albeit an
obscure and infrequent one. If the problem happens frequently and/or
consistently, please let us know and we can try to track it down.
Otherwise, all we can recommend is to rebuild the index from time to
time to correct this.

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