[htdig] $(NEXTPAGE) does not work in header

Subject: [htdig] $(NEXTPAGE) does not work in header
From: SMantscheff (SMantscheff@9monate.de)
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 00:35:44 PST

--- start of header file ---
<p>Die Suche nach <i>${WORDS}</i> ergab folgende Resultate [Seite$
--- end of header file ---

It seems that the $(NEXTPAGE) variable does not work in the header files,
while $(PREVPAGE) does. I've got a search result with 4 pages, so both items
should appear. What am I missing?

Sascha Mantscheff Bruenglinghausen
                  D-51588 Nuembrecht
                Fon +49-171-620 0380
                   Fax +49-2291-3841
       e-Mail smantscheff@9monate.de

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