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Subject: Re: [htdig] Options to htdig
From: Douglas Kline (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 13:53:03 PST

OK. Thanks for the additional info.

> On Fri, 29 Dec 2000, Douglas Kline wrote:
> > I've been running some tests and my results don't seem consistent with your
> > description.
> I think a better way of saying this is "my description wasn't very good."
> Let me put it this way:
> -a = "add .work to the database names before doing anything"
> -i = "delete files before starting"
> The -a flag is performed before the -i. So yes, if you use -a -i, it will
> create new files with the .work extension--but if there were already .work
> files existing, it would delete them before doing anything.

It would still put the newly created database in files ending in ".work"
leaving the existing files in place so that searches could proceed during the
process of database creation. So wouldn't the combination of the two flags
then be potentially useful?

> > If you don't use "-i", then how does htdig use an old database?
> If the database (with or without the .work extension) exists and you don't
> supply the -i, htdig will read in all the URLs from the database before
> starting. Before retrieving the URL from the server, it will send a header
> telling the server to only send the document if it's changed. It will also
> check the date of the document and only index it if it's newer than what's
> in the DB already.

What about URL's which are no longer effective? Will it remove them? If it
does, then why might someone want to use the "-i" flag? The only situation I
can think of under which the "-i" flag would be advantageous would be if the
database were so out of date that it would be more efficient to build a new one
than to update it.

> > rundig will indeed rename the ".work" files to their basenames but
> > only if "-a" is given as an option on the command line. If rundig is
> > edited to put the "-a" flag on the htdig command line within the
> > script, then the "-a" won't become part of the variable alt and the
> > script won't execute the lines which rename the files.
> IMHO, the rundig script is pretty well commented--I didn't think it needed
> a whole lot of explanation that the files will only be renamed if $alt is
> set. Just my $0.02

I just read the commands to figure out how it works.

Doug Kline

Douglas Kline

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