[htdig] Slow Responses

Subject: [htdig] Slow Responses
From: Mike Paradis (mike@newforce.ca)
Date: Mon Jan 01 2001 - 10:09:44 PST

I have a database that is as follows in size...

265942016 db.docdb
77686784 db.docdb.work
11092992 db.docs.index
12362752 db.metaphone.db
9239552 db.soundex.db
474692399 db.wordlist
134800983 db.wordlist.work
377980928 db.words.db

Granted, this is probably a good sizes dbase.
The problem is the amount of time it takes for a return on a search. Searches can take
about 10 seconds or more to return and this is with only one user searching.

Are there some tips on how to speed these searches up? While this might or might not be a
large dbase to some, it is only a tiny fraction of what I will be indexing.

Any feedback would be most appreciated.


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