Re: [htdig] template_map and template discriptions

Subject: Re: [htdig] template_map and template discriptions
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 09:54:04 PST

According to Berthold Cogel:
> I want to use strings like 'title and abstract' and 'only title' as
> disriptions in template_map. How can I do this? What I'm able to do is
> something like 'title/abstract'. I tried to use build_select_list but
> I'm unable to get the desired result. Quoted strings are the solution
> for method_names and sort_names but not for for template_map.
> Any hints?

The problem is an oversight in the design and handling of template_map.
It really should have been treated as a quoted string list, and not just
a simple string list. This is the 3rd time this year that this complaint
has arisen on this list. I guess an FAQ entry may be warranted.

There are two possible solutions:

1) use   instead of a space in the strings. This is less readable
in the config file, but it will trick htsearch into embedding spaces into
a simple (non-quoted) string attribute, and the web browser will display
these as spaces. You could also use &#nbsp; in this context.

2) patch htsearch/ to use QuotedStringList instead of
StringList for handling the attribute, both as the variable type for "sl"
and as the header file name (StringList.h). Any objections to this being
done for the 3.2.0b3 release?

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