Re: [htdig] Integrating PHP in htsearch?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Integrating PHP in htsearch?
From: David Gewirtz (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 07:56:07 PST

Hey, it's definitely a start. So you're saying use PHP and stick htsearch
results inside, rather than to run htsearch results _through_ PHP? Hmmm..
what do you do about paginated results?

-- DG

At 04:42 PM 12/27/00 +0100, you wrote:
>David Gewirtz wrote:
>> Is it possible to integrate PHP in a search results page? I want to use a
>> PHP include function to pull some text off another server and stick that in
>> my results header. My version of Apache is currently set up to require a
>> file of the form somefile.php3. If I access the server with
>>, the results are perfect.
>> Now, here's the question: how do I get the search results from htsearch to
>> pass through PHP before being sent to the user? And, please, I'm hoping I
>> don't need to hack my Apache setup ('cause I get the willies each time
I do).
>What I'm doing is something like
> // cut here
> $cmd =
> $words, $method, $format, $sort);
> if($page != "") {
> $cmd = sprintf("%s&page=%s&START=1", $cmd, $page);
> }
> virtual($cmd); // get search results
> // cut here
>This enables me to use the layout our customer needs for his page and
>gives me the ability to create a more detailed search form. It's
>like a wrapper for htsearch. Doing it this way you needn't change your
>Apache setup.
>I haven't tried to filter htsearchs result page with php. It is not
>to do that using virtual() with php v3, but maybe you can find something
>usefull at
>Hope that helps you in some way?!?
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