Re: [htdig] Integrating PHP in htsearch?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Integrating PHP in htsearch?
From: Mathias Rohland (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 07:42:31 PST

David Gewirtz wrote:
> Is it possible to integrate PHP in a search results page? I want to use a
> PHP include function to pull some text off another server and stick that in
> my results header. My version of Apache is currently set up to require a
> file of the form somefile.php3. If I access the server with
>, the results are perfect.
> Now, here's the question: how do I get the search results from htsearch to
> pass through PHP before being sent to the user? And, please, I'm hoping I
> don't need to hack my Apache setup ('cause I get the willies each time I do).

What I'm doing is something like

        // cut here
        $cmd =
                $words, $method, $format, $sort);
        if($page != "") {
                $cmd = sprintf("%s&page=%s&START=1", $cmd, $page);

        virtual($cmd); // get search results
        // cut here

This enables me to use the layout our customer needs for his page and
gives me the ability to create a more detailed search form. It's
like a wrapper for htsearch. Doing it this way you needn't change your
Apache setup.

I haven't tried to filter htsearchs result page with php. It is not
to do that using virtual() with php v3, but maybe you can find something
usefull at

Hope that helps you in some way?!?


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