Re: [htdig] indexing mySQL table

Subject: Re: [htdig] indexing mySQL table
From: Steve Knoblock (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 10:12:58 PST

Yeah, I was very surprised when I made a Delete function in a web
application a GET link and ran htdig over my site. It deleted everything. I
inserted a POST form delete confirmation in between because I wanted to
present this function as a link. But generally, I make any function that is
not as they say idempotent use a POST form.

I've also had that problem with it following a "report broken links" link
in my links directory.

There is a good reason to create a full text index of content in a
database. Searching within a TEXT type column is very inefficient. The SQL
server must scan through all rows in that column looking for a match to the
search sub-string. An alternative is to use an indexing system to build a
full text index of the database content. People search the engine index and
then pull up corresponding pages from the database as suggested here.

It appears the person asking this question already has a database search
(query) going. I am not sure what they are asking. If they want to search
more than one table, that is an SQL question. If they want to search within
a TEXT column value then they will need to use the LIKE operator. Which is
inefficient and why I explained the above.


>> your question, yes, but... The caveat is that ht://Dig indexes
>> content. So if you have, for example, a web frontend to your mySQL
>> database (e.g. a PHP-generated set of pages or whatnot), then you - Help for PHP developers.
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