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Subject: [htdig] We Would Like To Feature Your Site
From: WEDDLES24@aol.com
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 08:59:08 PST

Dear Site Manager:

We would like to profile your site in our publications:

+ WEDDLE's Annual Guides to Employment Web-Sites are
published by the American Management Association in 2
editions--one for recruiters and one for job seekers. They are
the most widely read guides to online employment resources
in the world.

+ WEDDLE's Newsletter for Successful Online Recruiting
appears monthly with the latest industry news, research based
tips on online recruitment strategy and profiles of new and
revised sites. It is the most widely distributed print newsletter
about online recruitment in the world.

WEDDLE's Guides and Newsletters are written by Peter Weddle. He is:
+ the online recruiting columnist for The Wall Street Journal
+ the online job search columnist for CNNfn.com
+ a former recruiter turned author and speaker.

Each WEDDLE's profile will feature your site with accurate,
up-to-date information about its services and fees so that
agency recruiters, recruiting consultants, in-house recruiters,
Employment Managers and HR practitioners have the best
available picture of your capabilities and advantages.

To have your site profiled, simply complete the questionnaire
below (it takes about 10 minutes) and send it by e-mail to
WEDDLE's at siteprofile@weddles.com. There are absolutely
NO fees involved.

Additional information is available about WEDDLE's at its
Web-site, http://www.weddles.com.

We know you're busy, but we hope you'll take a moment to
complete the questionnaire so that we can showcase your site
to recruiters and HR professionals all over the United States
and around the world.

Many Thanks!


1. Site Name:
2. Site URL:
3. Organization which owns the site:
4. City and state/province where the organization is located:
5. Date site was activated online:
6. Twenty word description of the site (how would you
describe the site to recruiters and job seekers)
7. Usage/traffic statistics
Unique Visitors/month:
Page Views/month:
8. Usage/traffic statistics reported/audited by:
9. Recruiters'/Employers' Point of Contact in your organization
E-mail address:
Mailing address:
Telephone number:

1. Do you post jobs on your site?
Yes ___
No ___
2. If yes, what kinds of jobs do you post?
Full time ___
Contract ___
Consulting ___
Part Time ___
3. What is the number of job postings in your database?
__________ as of this date __________
4. What are the 3 most prevalent occupational fields
among the job postings in your database?
__________, __________ and __________
5. What are the 2 most prevalent salary ranges
among the job postings in your database?
Under $20K ___ (US dollars)
$21-30K ___
$31-40K ___
$41-50K ___
$51-75K ___
$76-100K ___
Over $100K ___
6. What is/are the source(s) of the job postings in
your database? (Please indicate the approximate
percentage from each source)
Direct from employers _____
From headhunters/search firms _____
Re-posted from other sites _____
Spidered from other sites _____
Other (please specify) ____________________________________
7. What is the PREDOMINANT geographic distribution
of the job postings in your database
(Please select only ONE)
Regional _____ (please specify)
National _____ (please specify)
International _____
8. Do you charge a fee to post a job on your site?
Yes ___
No ___
9. If yes, is the fee:
$100 or less/job ___ (US dollars)
$101-150/job ___
$151-200/job ___
$201-250/job ___
Over $300/job ___
10. How long are jobs posted on your site (in days)? _____
11. What limitation do you impose on the length of a job posting?
Unlimited ___
0-500 words ___
501-1000 words ___
1001-1400 words ___
1401+ words ___
Other ___ (please specify)
12. Can job postings be linked directly to an
employer's own Web-site?
Yes ___
No ___
13. How are job postings accessed by candidates
on your site?
A searchable database ___
A scrolling bulletin board ___
Other (please specify) ______________
14. Do you offer employers/recruiters a special
membership program (e.g., volume discounts)
Yes ___
No ___
15. If yes, do you offer
Volume discounts ___
Multiple user discounts ___
Combination packages (e.g., postings + banner ads) ___
Other (please specify) ___
16. Do you post your job listings outside your own site?
Yes ___
No ___
17. If yes, where are they posted?
Search engine sites ___ (please specify)
Usenet newsgroups ___ (please specify)
Other job boards ___ (please specify)
Other sites ___ (please specify)
18. Do you organize your job postings into
separate areas or channels on your site?
Yes ___
No ___
19. If yes, what are the primary channel categories?
Industry ___
Geography ___
Function/occupational field ___
20. Is there a fee charged to the individual to view the
job postings in your database?
Yes ___
No ___
21. Do you offer a job agent that automatically notifies
job seekers of postings that match their interest?
Yes ___
No ___

1. Do you post resumes in a publicly accessible
database on your site?
Yes ___
No ___
2. Do you post candidate profiles (i.e., short bios or data
acquired via a form) in a publicly accessible database
on your site?
Yes ___
No ___
3. Do you archive resumes/profiles in a private database
so that you can notify job seekers of postings that match
their qualifications?
Yes ___
No ___
4. Do you other any other kind of resume service for recruiters?
Yes ___ (please describe)
No ___
5. How do you acquire the resumes/profiles in your database?
Direct from candidates ___
Spidered from other sites ___
From resume distribution services ___
6. What is the number of resumes/profiles stored in your database?
__________ as of this date __________
7. What are the 3 most prevalent occupational fields
among the resumes/profiles stored in your database?
__________, __________ and __________
8. How long are resumes/profiles posted on your site
(in days)? _____
9. Do you maintain a database of old/purged resumes
to which recruiters have access?
Yes ___
No ___
10. Do candidates pay a fee to post their resume/profile
in your database?
Yes ___
No ___
11. If yes, what is the fee? __________
12. Are there any restrictions on who can post their resume/profile?
Yes ___
No ___
13. If yes, is posting restricted to:
Association members _____
Students/alumni of a school _____
Publication subscribers _____
Those who register with the site _____
Those in a certain occupational field _____
Those working in a certain industry _____
Other (please specify) _____________
14. Do employers pay a fee to view the resumes/profile
in your database?
Yes ___
No ___
15. If yes, what is the fee? _____________ (please report in U.S. dollars)
16. Do you distribute resumes outside your site?
Yes ___
No ___
17. If yes, do you distribute them to:
Other resume banks _____ (please specify)
Employer web-sites _____ (please specify)
Other Web-sites _____ (please specify)

(Please identify your 5 largest groups ONLY)
Administrative ___
Computer-related ___
Communication ___
E-commerce ___
Engineering ___
Finance/Accounting ___
Human Resources ___
Info Technology/Systems ___
Management ___
Operations ___
Programmers ___
Sales/Marketing ___
Other (please specify) __________
Site does not collect this information ___

1. Automatic notification of a resume-job match
Yes ___
No ___
2. Banner advertising
Yes ___
No ___
3. Special area or information for recruiters/HR professionals
Yes ___
No ___
4. Status report on banner ad effectiveness
Yes ___
No ___
5. Status report on job posting effectiveness
Yes ___
No ___
6. Any other special features for recruiters/HR professionals
Yes ___ (please specify)
No ___

1. Which of the following does your site provide for individuals:
Career information ___
Salary information ___
Employer information ___
Resume writing assistance ___
Hot links to other sites ___
Tutorial on the use of your job database search engine ___
Interview preparation ___
Chats, bulletin boards ___
2. If career information is provided on your site,
how often is it updated?
Daily ___
Weekly ___
Monthly ___
Occasionally ___
Other (please specify) ___
3. Do you provide a confidential service for individuals?
Yes ___
No ___
4. If yes,
Do you prohibit employer access to your
resume database ___
E-mail candidates job openings and they
decide whether to respond ___
Block out contact information in your
resume database ___
Other (please specify) __________

KNOW ABOUT YOUR SITE? ____________________________________________________

By inserting the name and title of an appropriate
representative below, your organization certifies
that the information provided in this questionnaire
is true, accurate and up-to-date.

Name: __________
Title: __________
Date: __________
Address: __________
Telephone: __________
E-mail: __________

Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 WEDDLE's All Rights Reserved.

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