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Subject: Re: [htdig] Searching algorithms
From: Saad Kadhi (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 07:05:25 PST

Hi there Radoy,

> Hello,
> I've installed htdig (great software). Now I'm playing with the
> configuration.
> Indexing works fine, but I'm still getting weird results like:
> Query for test -> Result text .. and so on.
> I guess thats an configuration and algorithm issue.
> I'll be very gratefull for any links with more information about htdig's
> algorithms
> explanation and usage. Or perhaps some tips how to configure it ?

Excerpt from the online manpage of htfuzzy:

    Indexes for the following search algorithms can currently be created:

    Creates a slightly modified soundex key database. Differences with
    the standard soundex algorithm are:
        * Keys are 6 digits.
        * The first letter is also encoded.
    Creates a metaphone key database. This algorithm is more specific to
    English, but will get fewer "weird" matches than the soundex algorithm.
    Creates two databases which can be used to match common word
    endings. The creation of these databases requires a list of affix
    rules and a dictionary which uses those affix rules. The format of
    the affix rules and dictionary files are the ones used by the ispell
    <> program.
    Included with the distribution are the affix rules for English and a
    fairly small English dictionary. Other languages can be supported by
    getting the appropriate affix rules and dictionaries. These are
    available for many languages; check the ispell distribution for more
    Creates a database of synonyms for words. It reads a text database
    of synonyms and creates a database that htsearch can then use. Each
    line of the text database consists of words where the first word
    will have the other words on that line as synonyms.

Note that for the accents algorithm to work on htdig 3.1.5, you need
Robert Marchand's patch accents.5 (you can find it @


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