[htdig] questions

Subject: [htdig] questions
From: John Lunstroth (htdig@janaka.com)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 07:08:13 PST

Hi - I am a beginner here and have some more questions. Apologies for taking up time on some of this.

1. Ultimately I am interested in phrase and proximity search capabilities. I have been working at installing 3.1.5. I have read the release notes and see that the beta of 3.2 should be installed separately etc., since it uses different protocols, etc. I am wondering if I should just go ahead and start working with 3.2 - will it be difficult to upgrade between fixes?

2. Being new to the Lunix environment, I am just getting acquainted with the File Hierarchy Standards ideas, and am uncertain how important it is to follow based on the following. I have noticed that the FHS applies to administrators setting up systems, but I alos notice that my web host has other protocol in place for the section of the server I have access to. For example, the root of my server (I only have telnet/ftp access), has a /www directory that contains all of the websites, and a /home directory that is my home directory and contains all other home directories. I have real space in each subdirectory under my domain name - /www/myname/ and /home/myname. There is a link from /home to /www. This at first caused me some difficulty, but I got it figured out.

The htdig configuration program/file assume that the website will be located under the server's /opt subdirectory - so configure by default produces files with this location: /opt/www. "opt" is the name of subdirectories in which the user should put non-system programs - their applications, if I udnerstand correctly. There are also the "var" and "bin" subdirectories.

Is there a recommended file hierarchy I should use in the directory I have available? I am building my site in the /www/myname/ subdirectory. That is where cgi-bin is located (/www/myname/cgi-bin). Will it be easier, in the long run, to use a certain file system - I assume it will be, since htdig, and probably other apps, use a common base of standards I am unfamiliar with.

I am asking a narrow question - what subdirectories would it be best to use in setting up htdig:

/www/myname/opt (put htdig here as separate subdirectory
                         /cgi-bin (htdig automatically puts stuff here
                         /var (? not sure what to put here
                         /bin (? not sure how to use this one - or even where it should be vis-a-vis htdig
                         /htdocs (? is the name important or standard?

the subdirectory "htdocs" - I assume this means hypertext docs - and should be where the content is - is "htdocs" a standard name, or an abbreviation used by the htdocs people?



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