[htdig] Control Remote Computers

Subject: [htdig] Control Remote Computers
From: TomaWeb (nobody@tomaweb.com)
Date: Sat Dec 16 2000 - 13:35:25 PST

TomaWeb's XpressControl let's you...

Control your home computer from work...
Support your workforce on your LAN or abroad...
Control your web servers from anywhere...
Transfer files back and forth...
Execute programs remotely...
Deploy remote control technical support with your applications for FREE...
No baggage files or installation required...
Control Remote PC's Anywhere!

XpressControl let's you do all of the above and much more for as little as $69.95!
You only need to buy 1 license for each computer that does the controlling to control as many remote computers as you want!

Follow this link for more information on XpressControl:

Follow this link to download a free trial!

Follow this link to purchase XpressControl on-line!

You can't pass this up! Try it and you'll want to buy it!

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