RE: [htdig] Words and files not being found or indexed

Subject: RE: [htdig] Words and files not being found or indexed
From: crosstar (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 06:25:09 PST

In the last message from Fred, I notice that he said
that he ran rundig and htmerge.

I have never run htmerge, so I thought maybe I would try
that (possibly to solve the problem of my files not being indexed).

However, I received the following error:

/var: warning, user disk quota exceeded

Our administrator says that htdig may be trying to access
the /var directory where e-mail is stored (and which is excluded
from access).

He says that we are no where near exceeding any quotas, so he does not
understand the error.

So, should we attempt to place a restriction in htdig.conf? Or something
else? Or, do we not need to run htmerge at all, maybe?


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