[htdig] Words and files not being found or indexed

Subject: [htdig] Words and files not being found or indexed
From: crosstar (crosstar@nationalist.org)
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 07:38:51 PST

I am not too technical, so I hope this sounds clear.

I have htdig installed. But, although it works fine with no
errors, many files and words are being left out of the search and

I have checked all of the relevant FAQ, but either do not
understand what I am to do or am falling short, in some other way.

In reply to my earlier message, I was told to check the output using
-vvv. I did so and here is what I found.

For example, I have a subdirectory which contains 70 files,
in /news/archives/2000/.

7 of these files turn up listed in the output. But, where are the other 63?
They are not there and there is no reference to them in the entire
output file.

So, I am stumped as to what to do now.

Any assistance appreciated.

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