[htdig] Htdig as external Link Checker? (Maybe off-topic)

Subject: [htdig] Htdig as external Link Checker? (Maybe off-topic)
From: Reich, Stefan (Stefan.Reich@dgn-service.de)
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 01:04:40 PST

Hi community,

I need to generate a List for my boss, which contains all external Links of
our Web-Site (which gets already indexed by htdig) including the status
(means if the target of this link exists or not)

Can HTDIG help me with this by:

1. Create a List of external URLs (all URLs, which HTDIG finds during
indexing, but doesn't follow because of the restrict URL config). I could
use this list by some other tools like wget to check the connection to this

or (the preferred way)

2. Can HTDIG provide me with a list of broken external links?

Any ideas?



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