[htdig] configure help

Subject: [htdig] configure help
From: John Lunstroth (htdig@janaka.com)
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 12:58:01 PST


I am wondering if someone could please help me with installing htdig. I have very little unix experience, and am encountering what I hope are some probably simple problems with using the shell. I downloaded and unpacked the program. The separate subdirectory was created, in which was the configure program. The first time through I simply ran configure without making changes to it, and I soon realized this was not the correct order of business. So, in essence, it got to the point that if I tried to edit the configure file then I couldn't execute it - I could see it with the *dir* or *ls* commands, but when I executed it, the shell said it didn't find the program. If I left it alone, then it could find it, but it wouldn;t set things up right because it needs to be edited. So, either the means of editing I was using somehow altered the file, or ??? and etc. I imagine I will encounter similar problems. Please contact me on or off list. TIA

I am not interested in doing anything fancy with the program - that means I have read the alphabetical list of switches and most of the defaults will serve me fine.

I don;t know how heavily used this list is, so to let you know it is Sat 3 pm, CST, and I will be out-of-town Sun noon through wed nite. So I may not respond till next Thur.


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