Re: [htdig] HTTPS Indexing

Subject: Re: [htdig] HTTPS Indexing
From: Joshua Gerth (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 13:05:03 PST

Hi Jason,

> I've done some more poking around and I've gotten openssl to work -
> atleast to the extent where I can successfully connect to my secure
> webserver using ./openssl s_client.....
> Once I got that working I figured I'd get a fresh start and
> recompile/reinstall htdig. Now when I try to run ./htdig -i -vvvv I get
> the following output:
> > ./htdig -i -vvvvv
> URL: 1:0:
> New server:, 443
> Unable to build connection with
> pushed
> pick:, # servers = 1
> >
> Any ideas?

I just tried a fresh install and mine works so I don't think its the
patch. Can you include the first couple of line from your config file ...
like everything down to 'maintainer'?

Also, have you tried using the 'rundig' script? I doubt this is the
problem but I normally run:
        ./bin/rundig -vvv -c ./conf/myurl.conf > myurl.out &

then I can run a
        tail -f myurl.out

to watch the results.


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