Re: [htdig] test

Subject: Re: [htdig] test
From: John Lunstroth (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 04:44:09 PST

Hi Geoff - Thanks for the comments - I did this and went to the next step - when *make* ran it could not complete its action because it was looking in the default subdirectory "opt" that is in the configure file, and many error messages were generated. Really, I think the only thing I felt I needed to change was the name of that subdirectroy in *configure* - at least until after I got it up and running. Is there a particluar subdirectory relative to the root that I should have unpacked it into? Alternatively, could I simply create an *opt* subdirectory, or should the configure program do this automatically?

TIA - I will probably be out of town until Thursday, CST, and so may not respond till then.


Geoff said:
> You do not need to edit the configure script. You just need to run it as
> it was unpacked from the tar file.

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