[htdig] test

Subject: [htdig] test
From: John Lunstroth (htdig@janaka.com)
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 18:58:07 PST

I'm a new list member with a UNIX problem at the install stage - at least I think it is - is there someone who would mind spending a few minutes with me, on or off list - I unpacked the file OK. I tried to edit the "configure" file, and after editing it the shell couldn;t find the file to execute, even though I could see it with *dir* and *ls*. I edited it with wordpad/windows - was this the problem? Appreciate any help. I am accessing the shell through telnet and do not have a graphical interface nor do i know emacs or vi. Should I get acquainted with them before proceeding, or can i ftp the files back and forth for editing, or what is it I don't know, etc.?



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