[htdig] locale:ru on Solaris

Subject: [htdig] locale:ru on Solaris
From: Eldar Imangulov (eldar@glance.ru)
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 10:36:01 PST


I'm useing Solaris 7

I made the htDig and now I try to make search my site in russian

in htdig.conf I said the
locale : ru

The website indexing is going well but the htsearch does not work

But without russian language (indexing by default => without locale:ru)
indexing & htsearch works well togather.

What is the problem???

Eldar Imangulov
project manager (design & hosting)
phone/fax.: +7 095 777.09.10

Global Chance
Bld.1, 42 Bolshaya Yakimanka st.,
Moscow 117049 Russia

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