Re: [htdig] Daft Question - How to Apply patch under Solaris - Bit off

Subject: Re: [htdig] Daft Question - How to Apply patch under Solaris - Bit off
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 09:58:01 PST

According to Duncan Brannen:
> I'm trying to apply the aarmstrong URL rewite patch to htdig-3.1.5
> I assumed I use
> >patch -i htdig.diff
> under Solaris (8)
> however, I assumed it would pick up the file names to be patched since
> they're in there but nope - I have to specify the names then I get
> > patch -i htdig.diff
> Looks like a new-style context diff.
> File to patch: htdig/
> Malformed patch at line 16:
> patch: Line must begin with '+ ', ' ', or '! '.
> (This is where the next diff line starts)
> If I chop the file up into separate diffs and apply them individually it
> all works fine
> The man file for Path really sounds like it should read the file and work
> it out
> for itself. Am I missing something?

Yes, whenever you want to patch files in subdirectories, or use patch files
with pathnames in the filenames, you need to use the -p option to tell the
patch command how the pathnames are supposed to line up on your filesystem.
In this case, you should go into the main htdig-3.1.5 source directory and
use "patch -p1 < htdig.diff". The -p1 tells patch to strip off the first
pathname component from file names in the patch file. See "man patch".
I'm not sure what the -i option is for. The GNU version of this command
doesn't seem to have a -i.

The error message you got at line 16 is a bit worrisome, as this does seem
to be a properly formed patch, so I don't know why it's expecting a bigger
hunk of diff code than it's getting. You may need to switch to the GNU
version, or apply the patch by hand (it consists of fairly simple additions).

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