[htdig] htstat crashs by gen. the url-list

Subject: [htdig] htstat crashs by gen. the url-list
From: Michael Schulz (Mike.Schulz@gmx.de)
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 02:23:59 PST

Dear all,

i use htdig 3.2b2 and i have a problem with htstat:
When i call

        htstat -u > url_list

htstat crash with the following message:

        WordDB: /opt/www/var/htdig/db.words.db: page 83131 doesn't exist, create flag
        WordDBCursor::Get(15) failed Cannot allocate memory
        WordDB: /opt/www/var/htdig/db.words.db: page 1 doesn't exist, create flag not
        WordDBCursor::Get(22) failed Cannot allocate memory
        Segmentation fault

The machine has 512MB RAM and a 265MB swap partition.
So i spend another 1GB swap-file.
-> I´ve got the same message, only a little bit later...
(curios: when this happens, "top" says, that there´s 700MB swap space left...)

Any idea how to solve that problem?


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