[htdig] Htdig in spanish

Subject: [htdig] Htdig in spanish
From: Heriberto Cantu (elinux@elinux.com.mx)
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 15:59:07 PST


I been configuring htdig 3.1.5 for a friend web site here in Mexico,
and get the dictionary files for ispell (espa~nol.words+ and .aff)
used for spanish language.

After several tests, I had problems with the endings generation of

When generating the htfuzzy ending I noted the several error msg
DB2 problem ... missing key <-- don't remember the complete msg
just like the ones that Alexey Rodriguez reported.

When I compared the english.aff and espa~nol.aff the only diference
I noted was the extra space char after "," in the flags definitions,
so I deleted this extra space from espa~nol.aff

The next run of htfuzzy ending completed without the DB2 problems,
and now the LOGICAL_WORDS in the html's files worked as expected
generating all the changes at the end of the word.

I been working a copule of weeks and plan to check other things
in respect to the spanish language, but want to share this little
step to the other spanish useres.

I created a .tar.gz package for helping spanish use of htdig, including
are bad_words.es, espa~nol.0, espa~nol.aff (fixed), rundig (for espa~nol)
, htdig.conf (using this files) and the html files in spanish (Mexican :-).

It was a fast work so probably need a second review and the completion
of the synonyms.es file.

I think it a good idea to have this package in the www.htdig.org site,
but couln't find a way to upload this.

By now you can check my web address for it :

Thanks the htdig team for their effort to create this program!!

Heriberto Cantu
Monterrey, Mexico
Tel: (8)129-1121
Cel: 0448-256-8807

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