Re: [htdig] restrict values and htdig.conf

Subject: Re: [htdig] restrict values and htdig.conf
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 15:04:58 PST

According to
> We have 3 htdig-searches in our website.
> there are 3 different databases that are indexed:
> ../htdig/db/database1 indexed with ../conf/htdig1.conf
> ../htdig/db/database2 indexed with ../conf/htdig2.conf
> ../htdig/db/database3 indexed with ../conf/htdig3.conf
> the database3 includes all sites while the other 2 databases contains only parts
> of the whole.
> Now i want to expand the html-form with a select-option as follows:
> <select name="restrict">
> <option value="" selected>.. Database1</OPTION>
> <option value="http://www......./">on Database2
> <option value="http://www......./">on Database3
> o.k.!
> but how can i use this restrict-value in my htdig.conf?
> According to the selection in the html-form i must call the right htsearch with
> the right database!

You seem to be confusing two alternate methods of restricting search
results. You use the restrict parameter on htsearch only when searching
a database that contains everything, in order to restrict the results
to a subset of that database, i.e. only the URLs that match a particular

If you want the user to select separate databases, then you should leave
the restrict input parameter as an empty string, and have the user select
the value of the "config" input parameter, which should be one of htdig1,
htdig2 or htdig 3, i.e. the three configuration files you mentioned above
with the directory and .conf file name extension stripped off.

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