[htdig] Do me a favor

Subject: [htdig] Do me a favor
From: ellenliu (ellenliu@cmmail.com)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 16:53:44 PST

Dir sir,
  You are welcome to see my letter.
I have downloaded the program of 'htdig-3.2ob2.tar' from your site.
But I have trouble to run it on personal my computer.
My computer has been installed 'Red Hat 6.2' , which kernel is 2.214.
However, when I run '/configuer' ,on the 993 lines it calls 'config.sub' ,then the program exits along with the promotion 'can't run config.sub'
Would you do me a favor to tell me why this happened ,and the most important thing is how I can run it successfully?
  Moreover, when should the embedded database be compiled ,and how is it compiled?
  CPU : Pentium processor 550
  Hard disc: 20G
  Memery: 64M
Thanks in advance
Yours Ellen

Computer Science Department
JinLin University
ChangChun City
Dec 4 ,2000

ӭ http://www.cmmail.com

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